Easemble Creator Guide

This is how to use the Easemble web platform as a Creator.


New to Easemble?

Sign Up for a Creator Account using the email you want to link to your creator account.

Note you will have to use an email address that is not already registered on our mobile application. If you want to use that same email, first delete your account from the mobile app and resign in on the creator web platform.
Tell us more about you.
Fill in your personal information, so that our support team your contact information in case you need assistance and so that content on our app can be curated and tailored towards your interests.
Tell us more about your company.
Fill in your company information, we collect information to get a better understanding of our creators and their industries to improve our product with useful features. We ask for you company customer service information to improve the experience of our app users with your products.


Need to Change Your Information?

At any given time you may change your personal information, settings, and passwords with the setting list located on the top right once you click on your company name.
Company Profile
You can change your company information in the Profile page on the left menu. Click the edit icon to edit the information you need.
Personal Information
Under personal information you may change all information, except for the the registered email address.
Change password
You may choose to change your password when signed in at any given time.

If you've forgotten your password, click on 'forgot password' on sign in and Easemble will send you a reset password link to your registered personal email.  
Subscription Plan
You can at anytime upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan which may be found in the setting list or on the left menu bar.
You can change the default language of the system to you preferred language.
Delete Account
Under Personal Information you may find the option to delete your account.


Ready to Create?

Start creating your Easemble product. Click on the big orange button Create New Product.
Create a New Product
You can either create One Product whereby you will just need to upload one 3D model and perform assembly steps. Or you can create A Set where you will upload 3D model for each sub product in the set.
Product Details
Name your product, if it has a model reference number, describe it, and assign it to an Easemble category and subcategory.

Provide a cover photo to you product. And a few extra photos for that will appeal your user to your product. If you are publishing publicly these will be moderated, please see moderation guidelines.
Additional Details
Control the visibility of your product is for the public, to be shared with only users who have a link, or privately to specific user emails.

Define if your product is tailored towards kids, adults or everyone. And if is available worldwide or any in specific companies.

You may also optional set an end date to which the product will no longer be able to be viewed by the user.

Related product documents such as warranty, warnings, brochures, specification, or any other document may be uploaded with your product.  
Upload 3D Model
Upload your 3D model in the following compatible formats .fbx and .glb the file size may not exceed 50MB.

Provide additional information for assembly - number of people, required time, number of tools.
Best Practice*
Import clean low poly models for faster loading time.
Import good models with grouped pieces as needed.
Avoid importing the lighting, animation and camera from the BIM Model.


How will your 3D look and function?

Define the overall global setting of your 3D model - how it looks, what features to be displayed on end user view and general settings for step building. Access the 3D Configurator from the 3D Preview button on Product Page.
Initial Preview Setup
In the Initial Setup Tab use below steps to setup the 3D preview mode of the model.

1 - Move (shortcut W) the center of the object on the red axis hatch that defines the center of the scene.
This will enable for smooth and equidistant rotation of the camera around the object.

2 - Rotate (shortcut E) the object as needed.

3- Scale the object as needed using transformation on the left tool bar.

4- Zoom (scroll), Rotate (left mouse click), and Pan (right mouse click) the camera to get the angle needed.

5- Save. This will be be the preview view of the 3D Model.

You can return to this view through the remainder of the 3D configurator by using shortcut Ctrl + Spacebar.

Note changing the initial view at a later stage with affect the views in steps.
Background Color
Change the background color Initial Setup Tab using the color selector on left tool bar.
Piece Color
Change the color of each piece in Global Setting Tab using the color selector on left tool bar.
App Settings Control
Control the zoom level at which the user can interact with the model on the app.

Add music to the app model by uploading a MP3 file up to 5MB.

Show overall dimensions using the toggle button and filling in the dimensions.
Barcode Scanning
Toggle the barcode scanning on in the App Setting under Global Settings.

Note you can print barcode from Part Creation tab or from Part Summary Table on Product Page. Barcodes must be filled in order to print.
Augmented Reality
Toggle the AR Setting under Global Settings. And scale your objects to perfectly fit your desired look.

Note this feature is only available for Advanced subscription plan.


What Parts Will be Assembled?

We need to identify the pieces on your 3D model as assembly parts. Depending on the layering done in 3D model file several pieces may compose one part. If original 3D model was drawn by assembled parts one piece can be a part.
Create Parts
Select the pieces of your 3D model and create them as assembled parts. These should be the parts that the end user receives to be assembled.

You may toggle on the Hide Defined Parts to better visualize what parts have already been defined, or to click through the parts if one part hides undernearth another.
Part Name & Part Information
Give each part a name so that the user can easily identify the parts and add any additional part information you might want to share with end associated to that that part.

Optional part information part description, dimensions, weight, quantity, barcode. Note barcode is needed if you want to print and have it scanned.
Best Practice Tips*
Create the parts simultaneously as you create the steps flipping through the tab as this will help you organize your part in the most efficient manner according to how they will be animated in steps.

Use combined parts in the part setup, rather many parts in the steps to get a better part list with step


Create & Animate Step-by-Step Assembly

Lets start building and animating the assembly steps.
Create Step
Create an assembly step. Define the step name, give it an instructional description, duration, tools, warning, and define the animation for the parts on this step.
Visible Parts & Animation
Check the parts you want to be visible in step on the right tool bar and toggle on the part you want to see animated. Note that only animated parts with appear as parts needed in step.
Save View
The save view button will save the initial view of the step, this will also be the view of the printed manual.
You can reset view to the last saved view of the step. And you can use shortcut Ctrl + Spacebar to return to the initial setup view.
Save and use the play button to play all the steps in order. You may also use the other player tools to jump forward/backwards through steps.
Editing Steps
You may always edit step by clicking on the edit or gear icon. You also can reorder the steps by dragging the step in step list and placing it elsewhere.
Press complete the model when done - thiswill update the pdf instruction manuals as well.
Best Practice Tips*
Center the part being assembled. Zoom and angle the camera as need for best view of assembly.

You can perform sub assemblies by hiding and showing parts as needed.


Ready to Publish on App?

There are several publish types - public, private by link or private by invite.
Review Content
Review all the content related to you product from the Product Page. Such as name, description, categories, assembly requirements, photos, documents, and part summary.
Publishing Privately
You may control the visibility of you product and publish privately by link or by invite.

Note private products do not get moderated to be published - but may be subject to removal and account deactivation if does not respect to Easemble terms.
Publishing Publicly
You may publish product publicly to Easemble app to be seen by the defined audience and location. This will go under Easemble moderation to verify the product respects good practice.
Easemble Moderation
In order to keep a certain level of quality of public product on app, Easemble moderates public products before releasing them to the public.

Cover Photo: Make sure cover photos are clean and in high resolution, with focused view on the product to be assembled.

Relevant Information: The name, description, category, and information are relevant to the product.

3D Model: Clear comprehensive 3D assembly models have been arranged. Simple and friendly for end user.

Note by agreeing to Easemble terms and conditions all creators are expected use only their own 3D models creations and not work of others. If any products are in question they will be taken down and the creator account may be suspended.


How You can Gain from Analytics?

Data is the key to learning on how to improve on your products
Dashboard Insights
Dashboard insight will tell you the overall performance of your creator page and your published products. We share insights such as number of subscriber, total number of assembly, total unique assemblies, assemblies by location.
Product Insights
Product specific insights are found on the product page. We share with you insights for total number of assemblies, total unique assembly, average total assembly time, and average total assembly time per step.

We aim is to give you insights to improve your product design.
Product Photos
We gather all the user shared photos of their finished product in one place. You may find photos in the product page.